Expediting Pediatric Oncology Research

What is the PPCR?

The PPCR is a consented registry built upon the NIH-Supported free web-based data collection platform, REDCap.  The PPCR was established to expedite outcomes research on proton radiotherapy and to better define the role of proton radiation in treating pediatric cancers. All children and young adults (defined as <22 years at proton treatment) with brain tumors or other malignancies are eligible for enrollment at any of our 13 participating proton centers. The PPCR collects patient information including baseline health, treatment planning, acute and late toxicities, diagnostic information, surgeries and chemotherapy, and disease status and health outcomes at follow-up. The registry itself holds over 2000 fields and has a dedicated team performing data entry, database management, and routine quality assurance 


  1. Describe who is getting referred for proton radiotherapy in the United States
  2. Identify the patients for whom proton therapy is most beneficial offering a significant advantage over photon based radiotherapy
  3. Provide a platform for comparative research through  Children’s Oncology Group (COG)and other consortia or databases
  4. Monitor how well we as health care providers are meeting our overall oncologic goals of attaining high rates of cure while minimizing the adverse late effects of treatment in our childhood cancer survivors.

Participating Institutions:

Location of PPCR Sites across the US

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